Is launching your maiden advertising campaign giving you jitters? Here’s a releaseMyAd Media Guide to help you efficiently plan.


Businesses leverage advertising to accomplish varied goals, chief among them being the branding of their products and services. When a brand introduces a new product advertising acts as a means to make the market aware of the product. But the execution is a huge challenge that marketers face while planning any advertising campaign. There is always a lingering doubt over how to reach customers in the most effective and meaningful way. For new advertisers, it is akin to stepping on uncharted territories and might look difficult to many. To achieve maximum ROI from your marketing campaign, it is imperative to keep in mind a few goals that your campaign must try to achieve:

  1. The message should be perceptible and reach the intended audience set.
  2. It should be compelling enough to make the audience take an action.

To achieve these two from any campaign, few steps need to be undertaken to effectively execute any campaign-

Set your objective and parameters

Define the exact objective with which the campaign will be launched and proceed accordingly. Your advertising message will depend on the objective of your campaign and should be defined in such a way that addresses the solution. The objective should be measurable and not a vague set of achievable values.

Zero on your content and finalize the budget

Work on the message of the creative and try to make it appealing and simple for the audience to understand. It is recommended to keep a compelling and a strong call-to-action message. It is also important now to formalize the budget of the entire ad campaign and proceed with the planning. To do this efficiently break down costs that each activity will incur and allocate accordingly as this will greatly affect your marketing strategies.

Determine your marketing mix

This is one of the crucial factors that can make or break your campaign. Determine the communication channels you are going to employ by keeping the behavioral aspects of your target audience in mind. Advertising in a segment which is not accessible to your audience will waste your resources and will be pouring money down the drain. Your advertisement should be targeted at a time when your product or services add the highest value to your audience and can reach them in a decluttered environment. Keep your budget in mind and try adhering to the same while planning your campaign. At this stage, it is important to understand your medium well so as to get maximum ROI from any campaign.

Just Do It!

Keep all the small details in mind and double-check your action plan before the launch date. Now that all the plans have been finalized, it is now time to launch the campaign or to go live.

Quantify your campaign results

Did you achieve the results you were hoping your campaign would bring you? Revisit your objective chart at the end of the campaign and calculate to determine whether your campaign reached as many targeted users as desired or got your target audience talking.

Revisit & Repeat

There are plenty of learnings after any campaign has been executed. You are now in the best position to assess how each element of your campaign fared or which were the parts that did not yield results. Tweak your marketing mix the next time or repeat the same combination of media to get results.

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