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A city of notable historical and cultural significance, Baroda, alternatively known as Vadodara, is one of the largest cities of Western India and of Gujarat. Since ancient times, Baroda has been the seat of trade and commerce. The presence of Baroda on the trade route between Gujarat and Malwa had made it a commercial zone, and in the days to follow, Baroda only gained more importance with each passing year. Today, Baroda is a fast growing industrial area that houses both Large Scale and Small Scale Public and Private sector enterprises that make it one of the rapidly developing towns in India.Baroda Media Planning

An anticipated yet sudden spurt in Baroda’s industrial sector has witnessed the arrival of several Service Sector companies, as well as a large number of representatives of India’s ever-growing IT industry. The presence of these brands has contributed to the population of the town, resulting in the rise of a number malls, and an increased attention from media platforms such as radio networks and multiplexes. This partnership works in a mutually beneficial fashion as the organizations use the media platforms to advertise, and the media platforms find audiences in the people who are employed by the organizations.

The population of Baroda is over 20 lakh, with more than 50% of the population being in the age bracket of 10-35 years. Interestingly, this particular age bracket is the one that is most frequently targeted by advertisers, being prime consumers, exhibiting both interest and a spending power. Males constitute 52% of the population, and females account for 48%. The most widely used languages in Baroda are Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi and English.

As is the case with any major city, Baroda enjoys its share of advertising traffic. With ample advertising platforms available, elaborate and lengthy advertising campaigns can gain fruition in Baroda. Noticeable due to the concentration of a large number of organizations, that it is hard for one brand to get an effective edge over their competition. However, here to help advertisers create a niche in the market and to help design and launch successful ad campaigns in Baroda is leading advertising agency, releaseMyAd.

ReleaseMyAd specializes in designing streamlined and analytically devised ad campaigns for advertisers over a host of highly influential media platforms. When cultivating a media plan, releaseMyAd takes into consideration the media choices of relevant focus groups, and their behaviour with said media vehicles. Once a plan has been designed, we then engage in media buying negotiations, and come up with the lowest advertising rates and the best deals. ReleaseMyAd’s online ad booking portal has further simplified the advertising process, where everything from composing your ad to making payment can all be completed in entirety over the internet.
Baroda’s top media options are:

  • Newspaper: Sandesh, Divya Bhaskar.
  • Cinema: INOX, Cinémax, PVR, Rajhans and Cinemarc Vihar and Chandan Multiplex.
  • Radio: Big FM, Radio City, Red FM, Radio Mirchi, AIR Vividh Bharati and AIR Prasar Bharati.
  • Online: Over 200+ websites.

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