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Hindustan Times is one of the most popular newspapers in India, renowned for their excellent coverage of both national and international affairs. They also enjoy excellent circulation in a number of metropolitan cities in India, and have been recognized as a viable advertising platform. Hindustan Times’ magazine supplement, Brunch, aims to follow in the footsteps of Hindustan Times.

Brunch is an entertainment and lifestyle magazine aimed at the youth. They deal in a wide variety of topics, catering to the wide array of interests exhibited by teenagers. Brunch has previously dealt with a number of social issues, fashion, and food in an attempt to give their readers an all-round digest.Brunch-Magazine

In addition to being a fan favourite, Brunch has also gained a reputation for being a stellar advertising platform. Due to a consistent run of great articles, innovative designing and a circulation of 1310000, Brunch has the potential to be one of the frontrunners of the magazine advertising scenario. It has been estimated that Brunch has a readership exceeding 4000000, which acts as a testimony to their potential as an advertising vehicle.

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  • Choose ad position. You can position your ad anywhere among the following options – opening page, back cover, the insides of back and front covers. If you do not vie for a particular spot, you can also chose to give the magazine the discretion to place your ad anywhere in the magazine.
  • Choose ad size. The available options are – full page, half page, strip and double strip.
  • Upload your existing ad creative, or choose to get it made by us.
  • Select the date when you would like to start your campaign.
  • Clear payment via a host of online and offline paying methods.

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