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Globalization or the formation of the global village, is an interconnecting, neutralizing and progressive ideology that brings the citizens of this world together. On a microscopic scale, the formation of the aforementioned global village has made possible a number of cultural progressions in India. The advent of the Multiplex is one example of globalization in India. Multiplexes gained prominence right before the turn of the millennium, and they have thrived since. Multiplexes are more than your run-of-the-mill cinema halls. Multiplexes offer visitors the chance to experience an alternate lifestyle. Brilliant decors, incredible gastronomical delights and exquisite services are things most visitors are not accustomed to, and that makes them feel very special. Apart from that, Multiplexes have also established themselves as an excellent platform for advertising. There are a number of reasons why multiplexes have thrived as an advertising platform. Some are:

  • You can advertise to a captivated audience
  • Advertising costs are affordable
  • On-screen ads can use outstanding audiovisual elements  to increase ad recall value

Fun Cinemas
Founded in 2001 in Mumbai, Fun Cinemas is a chain of multiplexes that has garnered great popularity in India. Since 2001, they have quickly broadened their base, and spread out to 19 cities across India, owning 21 properties and 81 screens. Fun Cinemas has received critical acclaim for their focus on marketing, and have taken part in certain breakthroughs in cinema advertising. Fun Cinemas has established themselves as an outstanding platform to broadcast ads. Fun Cinemas is present in the following locations:

Hyderabad Dibrugarh Delhi (North) Delhi (East) Mumbai (Harbour Line) Bhopal
Ambala Panipat Bangalore Gwalior Mumbai (Western Line) Udaipur
Bhubaneshwar Kanpur Ludhiana Zirakpur Chandigarh

Booking Process
Although Fun Cinemas have branches in a number of cities and towns spread all over the country, you can book ads in any of these branches through releaseMyAd. You have the provision of booking your ads over the internet through the releaseMyAd website. The booking process can be encapsulated in the following simple steps:

  • Choose Fun Cinemas as your chosen ad destination
  • Select the location of your choice
  • You can view the cost of advertising for the duration of 30 days.
  • To proceed, provide us with your business details such as your name, number, email and business category
  • You can review and modify your choice of city if you  wish to, or continue if you are content with your choice
  • Choose between 10 second Mute Slides and 20 second Audio Slides for your preferred mode of advertising in Fun Cinemas
  • Choose which screen(s) you would wish to advertise in. A multiplex houses multiple screens; and you can choose which screen to advertise in to reach the maximum number of potential customers.
  • Next, choose if you want your creative designed by us, or if you wish to design and use your own creatives
  • Choose the tenure of your campaign
  • Next, choose the dates when you would want your ad campaign to run.
  • You can also review your final booking details once more
  •   Finally, clear payment and your ad campaign is ready to start!

Advertising Opportunities
Fun Cinemas is an exceptional advertising platform, and to fully realize it’s potential, you need to devise an excellent media plan that will target the right people, at the right time and the right location. releaseMyAd can help you with the creation and implementation of a media plan that will drive your ad campaign to success. Another service that you can avail of through releaseMyAd is Media Production; which involves us creating the visual ad for you that will be displayed to the people. There are two types of ads that are most popular in cinema advertising. They are:

  • 10 second Mute Slides: Much like display ads you see in billboards around town, these ads feature static images that convey the basic idea of the service or business.
  •   20 second Audio Slides: Similar to the aforementioned mute slides, these ads feature some light music or a jingle or voice-over accompanying the visual. They are also longer in duration.

There are excellent creative designers at releaseMyAd who can help you design these ads in a way that will suit your need the most.
Feel free to mail us at or call us on 09830688443 if you have any further queries.