What are the different/popular ad sizes printed in leading newspapers?


newspaper-ad-sizes-in-cmsNewspaper advertisement is an effective medium for garnering voluminous attention.  The size of newspaper advertisment is often responsible for ascertaining the level of reader attention.  Over the years ,certain advertisement sizes have become popular choices over others as they assure maximum responses.

We must mention that there are three different newspaper ad types -Classified text ad, Classified Display ad and Display ad. Only the last two ad are priced based on their sizes. Classified text ads are cheaper and are charged on per line/ word basis while Classified display and Display ads are charged  on total space used ( calculated in per sq.cm ).

Some of the advertisement sizes that have become popular among Indian advertisers of different categories are:



Classified Display Ads : 

1.  ( 3 x 5 cms)

This is the most sought after ad size for classified display advertisers. These ads are reasonably priced and allows people to add text alongside images , logos etc. But the biggest attaraction is their prominence which makes them stand out among other classified text ads.


Display Ads:

1.  ( 4 x 5 cms)

This is the most widely chosen ad size for releasing a Display ad in inner pages of the newspaper. Those who wish to release ads outside classified pages can choose this economical display ad size. These ads resemble classified display ads but occupy wider space and are mostly printed on the 3rd and 5th pages of the preferred newspapers making them stand out.

2.  (8 x 5 cms) :


This is actually the next standard size of display ad after 4x 5cms which is also considered to be the minimum display ad size for most newspaper supplements for e.g, Times of India -Ascent, Hindu –Habitat etc.  This is one of the best options for the advertisers who are ready to splurge a little more on advertisements for maximum response.

Note:  There might be variations of the aforementioned advertisement sizes since different newspapers have different policies.

Author’s Bio: The above informative article has been composed by one of our most jovial and friendly team members Tania Som. She has been a part of releaseMyAd for more than 3 and a half years and helps in processing newspaper ads for all the newspapers that are tied-up with us. She ensures that the ads get released on time as per the request of the customers, maintains healthy alliances with the publications for smooth ad processing. She has excellent writing skills which are evident in her work. We thank her for her contribution to help customers of releaseMyAd even further and hope that it proves to be helpful to all the readers and newspaper advertisers.