Hindustan Times Newspaper Classified Packages & Offers Online at releaseMyAd


Booking an Hindustan Times newspaper ad has always proved to be a great proposition for advertisers settled in North India  & the rest of the country.

Now any advertiser can view Hindustan Times classified rates for recruitmentpropertymatrimonial and other categories online before booking the ad through origin-of-newspaper-advertisingBetter Half


Saath Saath


Sanjog Metro

Hindustan Times Property Packages

Release in Hindustan Times (Delhi-Saturday+Sunday)

Release in HT-Delhi Saturday + Hindustan(Friday+Sunday)

Hindustan Times(Delhi-Saturday+ Sunday- same week)+Hindustan(Delhi-Friday+Sunday)

Hindustan Times Recruitment Packages

HT-Delhi (Tuesday+Sunday+Shine) + HHD (Any Day) + HT Clsfd Spl

HT-Delhi(Tuesday+Sunday) HHD (Any Day) + HT Clsd Spl

HT- Delhi(Tuesday) + Hindustan (Any Day) + HT Clsfd Spl

HT-Delhi (Tuesday) + HHD (Any Day)

You can also book matrimonial, recruitment, property ads in HT through Hindustan Times@releaseMyAd.