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Thank you for your interest in partnering with!

This blog post further explains the details of our partnership. The general Terms and Conditions are outlined below:

  1. As an affiliate for, you can offer an additional service (on your site) where you direct your customers to our website – origin-of-newspaper-advertising – to book educational ads in leading Indian newspapers.
  2. We’ll provide you our logo with a link which you can put up on your site. We will track the conversions (bookings) generated by customers directed from your site through this link.
  3. You’ll need to give us your logo which will be used on our partner page. All customers directed from your website to our website will come to this partner page which will be co-branded.
  4. For us to continue with the affiliate partnership, we expect you to bring us at least 10 bookings over a period of 2 months (probation period), after which you are eligible to become one of our permanent affiliates.
  5. As a ‘Bronze’ permanent affiliate, you must either consistently bring at least 15 bookings in 2 months or bookings worth Rs 15000/- in 2 months, whichever is lower. Also, you are entitled to:

    – 5% Commission on the total cost of the bookings made by your customers on our site (including the bookings made during the probation period)
    – Use of your logo on our website’s partner page
    – An individual point of contact at releaseMyAd

  6. Please note that commissions are disbursed on a monthly basis (after the first 10 bookings are done). You’d be responsible for directing customers to our website. All customer-support issues (regarding ad bookings) will be handled by us directly with the customers.
  7. Commission slabs are structured on a tier basis. As and when your booking volume increases to Rs 50000/2 months, you will become our ‘Gold’ permanent affiliate and entitled to a higher % of commission.

Should you accept these Terms & Conditions, kindly send us your logo so that we can get our partner page ready for co-branding along with generating your affiliate code to start this process. We’ll also send you our logo & link for you to put up on your website.

For any questions/ clarifications, you can contact us 09830629298 or email us at

Looking forward to a partnership with you!
Book Your Newspaper Classified Ads - releaseMyAd